The Fast Guard™ Collective Fall Prevention System by bSafe Limited

We would like to introduce the Fast Guard collective fall prevention system, a totally new and exciting approach to providing collective edge protection for the safety of scaffolders.

A scaffolder’s advanced guardrail, designed for the professional scaffolding industry.

Fast Guard is exceptionally fast to install, quickly creating a safe zone ready for the scaffolder to enter. A light and portable collective fall protection system suitable for long or short duration operations irrespective of length or position.

The unique Fast Guard Coupler is instinctive to use, with traditional scaffold tube providing the advanced guardrail, the same tube can then be used for the permanent guardrail. The entire process is completed with the scaffolder never leaving the safety of a fully protected platform, or working without fall protection at all times.

The launch of SG4:15 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding’ at the NASC AGM further enforces the safe systems of work promoted by SG4:05 and SG4:10 appendix A. Compliance with current Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance can only be achieved by placing collective protection, also known as passive protection ahead of personal protection or active protection.

With increasing demand from Principal Contractors to reduce reliance on PPE (personal protection equipment), an advanced guardrail system is the way forward for successful scaffolding companies. The Fast Guard Collective Fall Prevention System provides a temporary advanced guardrail to traditional tube and fitting scaffolds faster than any other system available on the market.

The Fast Guard Collective Fall Prevention system is compliant with BS EN 12811-1:2003 and BS EN 13374:2004, the requirements for temporary guardrails, and has been fully tested by SATRA Technology Centre. More Information –

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